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About me

Rails/Angular developer, Entrepreneur & YC alum. Previously built and sold Now O(only)TO at and part time partner at Entrepreneur First.

My name is Peter Nixey and I’m a two or three time entrepreneur (the first one never really counts) from Britain.

I lived in San Francisco for three years after joining the s2007 YCombinator class with my startup, Clickpass. That company was acquired 18 months later and I stayed in San Francisco until returning back to London at the end of 2010 where I’m now based.

I have personally built a number of products over the years including Pingpanel and Copyin and am now the CTO of Brojure which allows you to create stunning sales presentations.

Aside from building products and teams I’m a part time partner at Entrepreneur First and help the incredible teams there with building their startups.

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Contact me

You can contact me via email. My address is on GMail and the first part is petenixey